Hurricane Katrina And New Orleans

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On August 29, 2005 is the day when Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast of the United States. (Staff, 2009) Hurricane Katrina was known as the eleventh Hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This Hurricane was known as one of the 5 deadliest Hurricanes in U.S History. On the day of August 29, 2005, New Orleans had its most dreadful day in history when Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans which caused damage worth up to 108 billion dollars, gas prices going up significantly, and causing a lot of environmental and economic issues.
Before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, everyone in the Gulf Coast area was evacuated to safer grounds due to the Hurricane’s strong and aggressive winds. Hurricane Katrina was created six days before New
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When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans eighty percent of New Orleans was under water. (Staff, 2009) The Hurricane’s strong winds caused New Orleans to be under water since that the city is so close to the Atlantic Ocean. The Hurricane’s wind was gusting up to 127 miles per hour. The people who decided to not leave the city or go to the Superdome and decided to stay at their house were in danger. No one had electricity in New Orleans due to the Hurricane’s weather so they couldn’t communicate with anyone for help. New Orleans did not get the worst part of the storm but the other cities on the Gulf Coast did. The damage would of have been more devastating if New Orleans had got the worst part of the storm. The worst part of what Hurricane Katrina did was causing large oil spills killing thousands of fish on the coast of New Orleans. The gas prices went up significantly due to the large oil…show more content…
Hurricane Katrina killed up to 2,000 people and injured thousands of people. Katrina was known as one of the costliest storms ever. The U.S government had to pay 108 billion dollars to fix New Orleans. About 80 percent of the Housing Units in New Orleans were destroyed. Thousands of people were desperate for food, shelter, and aid which caused many people to riot and caused a lot of chaos. There was a curfew which was mandatory for the people in New Orleans. The economy in New Orleans was devastating because many people lost their jobs and the payroll has dimensioned due to Hurricane Katrina. People were stealing money from hospitals and banks so that they can have food and shelter and not be
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