Hurricane Katrin The United States Of New Orleans

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Hurricane Katrina Hurricanes are one of the most powerful and vastly devastating forces of nature mankind has come to seen. These storms can pack sustain winds in excess of 75 miles per hour and in rare cases can exceed 175 miles per hour sustain winds. While these storms typically lose strength as they move over land the devastation left by them typically cripple many of the critical infrastructures we take for granted every day. One of the most devastating storms to ever hit the United States of America in recent decades was Hurricane Katrina. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The area effected by Hurricane Katrina was the majority of the Gulf coast. Hurricane Katrina made landfalls on many of the gulf coast states, however many associate it with the city of New Orleans. According to the United States NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Hurricane Katrina was the fifth hurricane and eleventh named storm of the 2005 season in the Atlantic Ocean. They also concluded that it was not only the fifth deadliest of all time but also costliest ever recorded in U.S. history. Furthermore, it is considered the third most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall on the United States coast. Total damage to property is estimated to be well over 108 Billion dollars and this is roughly four times more than the previous record holder named Hurricane Andrew (Knabb). EVENT DESCRIPTION Hurricane Katrina originated over the Bahamas on August 23 and it made first landfall on Florida August 25 and eventually made its way into the Gulf of Mexico which only added fuel to the fire, as many people know that hurricanes are fueled by warm waters and the Gulf of Mexico had plenty of warmth to offer the hurricane. Hurricane Katrina eventually made... ... middle of paper ... ... FEMA to have full access to the president in time of disasters (Edwards). Also in 2006 congress passed the SAFE Port Act, which allowed for salvage response plans the port level, this plan essentially was to promote rapid recovery after a security incident (Tucci). While several agencies failed a few were commended for their actions such as the US Coast Guard and the National Weather Service in their accurate weather tracking forecasting with a lot of lead time before storm hit (United States Congress). Though there was a lot of failures new polices and regulations have been set up to minimize an event of this proportions from having same results as Katrina. While these new policies and regulations may help it will not prevent it from happening again but perhaps minimize it. It is not a matter of if it happens but when it happens and rather we will be ready for it.

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