Hunting Trip For Deer Hunters

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Hunted Hunters Who would go out into an unknown territory to hunt, knowing dangerous animals could be hunting them? Many avid deer hunters, in America, travel to hunt for trophy class whitetail bucks. When I think of hunting, I like knowing where I’m going and what that land is inhabited by. Montana is known for producing record shattering whitetail deer, but is home to grizzly bears, mountain lions, and wolves. If a hunter chooses to go here, he may become the hunted. In one case, John Anderson and his son Lewis, planned a hunting trip for Montana to kill a mature whitetail. They were from Eastern Michigan and the hunting there was short of mediocre. John as a young child used to go hunting every weekend with his dad, and has only killed one big buck, Lewis has went hunting but never killed a nice buck, so they both were excited for the trip. They had already booked the guide and had their clothes and guns packed, all they had to do was get in the truck and head out. They left early on Thursday morning and arrived late that night, they planned on staying Friday through Sunday. When they reached their resort, they were met by their guide, who took them to their cabin and showed them where the dining hall was. John and Lewis both could not sleep because they were so anxious to go hunting in the morning. Their guide, Chris, who had been in the profession for 12 years had a routine and getting up at 4 a.m. wasn 't difficult for him, but for John and his son it was hard. As they were getting their clothes on and preparing themselves for the hike and the hunt, excitement started to rush back into them. Chris had chosen a special spot that he has had great luck with, other hunters he has taken there haven’t left without ... ... middle of paper ... ... that knew the land better than they did. Ten minutes into the trek away from this beast, they couldn’t hear the animal trailing them anymore, so they stopped and took a short water break. Just as they set their equipment down, coming at them from their side was a mature grizzly bear. Chris quickly grabbed his handgun and shot the bear three times, it dropped six feet away from John who was standing in front of his son. The Anderson’s had went on a hunting expedition, but soon realized they weren’t the only ones hunting. They ended up with a thrilling and traumatizing experience of being chased by a large grizzly bear. Without their guide being prepared for the encounter of such an animal, John and Lewis might not of made it home to tell the story. Sometimes when you go hunting in a territory, and you’re not the only predator there, you may become the hunted.

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