Hunting Game

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A human has used several different weapons through the centuries for survival and pleasures. They have trapped and hunted different types of animals to hunt and also with different weapons and ammunition. I will classify the different ways of hunting with weapons: shotgun, rifle and archery. I will classify this to clarify that some people just think of hunting as a means of enjoyment and also pleasure in their life. Therefore I will describe hunting with a shotgun; it is designed to be fired from the hunter’s shoulder. The shotgun fires a shell that holds all types of loads which is also called shots, when buying them from the stores they are classified by the size of the shot that is inside the shotgun shell. There are several different varieties of shotguns that are available to the avid hunter, along with different types of shotguns such as: single-shot, pump-action, and semi-automatic. Hunting with a shotgun is popular in Louisiana for duck hunting. When using a shotgun for hunting it is always fired from the shoulder of the hunter. The main reason that shotguns are popular for duck hunting therefore is when a shotgun is fired there are several different steel pellets that will hit the duck, making it much easier to hit a flying target. Such as modified, full, and super full. The favorite bird that is hunted here in Louisiana is mallards and geese. The way that these birds are hunting is with a boat on the water in a blind or a pit blind, which is in the fields on the bayou and lakes. Ducks make a variety of calls. Plus, in the duck species the call of the hen and drake are different. Therefore, there are several calls for just about every duck species, and goose species, and the... ... middle of paper ... ...draw a bow back. It’s just like bow hunting it has the same way of style as hunting with a bow. Therefore it uses arrows but it’s also similar to using a gun, but it shoots arrows with broad heads at the end of the arrows. You shoot it like a gun which you would place it on your shoulder. It does fire like a gun but it doesn’t have the distance a gun does. It is used for shooting larger game and littler game, rifle and a shotgun, but only at a shorter distance. It is just as accurate as a bow or gun in properly, making your shot count at a shorter distance. At a shorter distance your kill zone is bigger at a longer distance your kill zone is much smaller. It’s best to wait and be patient with your crossbow therefore you don’t have the distance as a gun has. I have told the several different ways of hunting with a shotgun, rifle and a bow in Louisiana.
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