Hunting Case Study

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PETA, and other organizations like them, think that hunting is a cruel and inhumane, and a non-effective way of controlling the whitetail deer population. Hunting is the primary source of conservation and income for the national fish and wildlife service. Let’s look at a couple ways that hunting provides an effective wildlife management tool. To begin, at the beginning of the 20th century there were an estimated 500,000 deer left in the US, because of conservation efforts led by hunters, there are more than 44 million in America today. Furthermore, hunting helps highway safety. Deer cause over 200 deaths a year and cost around 4 billion a year in auto accidents. Finally, if hunters did not hunt, deer would over populate and be a nuisance animal.…show more content…
In 1949 there were a total of one hundred and thirteen deer killed in Tennessee. (Gibbs, 1) The whitetail deer is the most popular species of wildlife in the state of Tennessee. The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) estimates that there are 950000 whitetail deer in the state of Tennessee as of 2015. (Deer Friendly) This number increasing dramatically due to conservation efforts since the early 1900s. The TWRA closed hunting season in the early 1900s and then reopened the season up in late 1940’s-1950. (Deer friendly) Hunting in the state of Tennessee is the not only the best way to maintain the whitetail deer population but also it is the cheapest for the government. The cost of an annual sportsman hunting license in the state of Tennessee is one hundred and sixty-six dollars. One hundred percent of this money goes to wildlife management efforts which allows the government to not have to spend as much on wildlife conservation. All total Hunters raise around 796 million a year for conservation and management efforts. (25…show more content…
(Deer friendly) as of 2015 there was an estimated thirty million deer in nationwide. With some places in the country registering up to one hundred deer per square mile. (How Many Deer) Each year hunters kill approximately six million deer. (How Many Deer) Some say that this diminishes the deer population. What these certain people don’t know is that every year a couple months after hunting season is over more than twelve million new deer are born to replenish and even grow the population of deer. (How Many
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