Hunting And Hunting: The Benefits Of Hunting

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Andrea Beyer
Mrs. Taylor
PreAP English II 8 April 2014
The Benefits of Hunting
Our ancestors had only one way to survive when electricity, plumbing, and farming were not available: hunting. Killing animals for their skin, feathers, bone, and meat was the only way exist. Men spent days in the wilderness tracking beings that could sustain their families for days. The practice is still alive today and has even gained popularity to where competitions are held for hunters. Though they could drive the short distance to buy meat, hunters will travel hours and wait even longer for the exhilaration of a hunt. Lately, some people view any type of hunting as inhumane and unnecessary; however, hunting is a part of history, and it ecologically, societally, and economically benefits America.
Hunting is a very diverse sport that almost anyone could participate in. There are two main ways of hunting: firearms and bowhunting. The two main ways can be further sub-categorized. Using firearms to hunt is the most popular way of hunting in America. Firearms are normally split into three different seasons including shotgun, rifle, and handgun seasons. Shotguns are used for short ranges and have pellets encased in a shell. The pellets spread out in a cone-shape when the gun is shot, and they cover a large area. They are used to hunt deer, turkey, and other birds. Rifles use an actual bullet and can shoot from over miles away. They have a great "kick," or recoil after the gun is shot. Hunters use rifles when hunting large animals such as deer, moose, and safari-type animals. Handguns are small and shorter barreled guns. They often are decked out with scopes to provide better shooting accuracy. Small animals such as rabbits a...

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...ed to buy more bullets, gun polish, or arrowheads. It will always keep major businesses like Remington alive and provide jobs for people. Hunting is economically friendly because it will always need goods and services.
With all of the pros of hunting, it is hard to understand why anyone would ever argue against it. Hunting has been a part of life for many years. It has been a way of survival for our ancestors. The act of hunting allows us to humanely control the wildlife populations and to clean up the environment. Hunting increases people overall wellness by providing healthy food and exercise. It teaches everyone the meaning of patience and sportsmanship. The money hunters spend throughout the year is never subject to change because it is a consistent business. Hunting is based on history and helps America's environment, its society, and it's economy.
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