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A cherished time between the autumn and winter months is hunting. You are able to shoot and kill animals either for meat to eat, or to sell. The excitement and skill it takes to hunt are varied. There are 4 main types of hunting; Elk, Deer, Turkey, And Waterfowl. The most commonly known hunting is for white-tail deer. It is celebrated as if it were a widespread national holiday all around the world.
Let’s start off with the types of gun you can use to hunt. For deer hunting, a .22 caliber rifle is adequate, but isn’t recommended. Some great guns for hunting deer are .458 magnums, .32 Win. Special, .35 Remington, and a .356 Winchester are sufficient. When hunting for turkey, a shotgun is needed because if not, your kill will be blown to bits. The .22 magnum is a gun recommended for small game animals. However, a .22 magnum is most likely only going to make a 125 yard shot at the most. 22 LR’s are used for ducks and waterfowl Elk hunting is a lot different; you need a lot of power. Most likely, you’ll use a bolt action rifle.
Any place for hunting is wonderful, but there are some sp...
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