Hunter's Magical Valentine's Dance

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The curse on Hunter had just been broken, and he discovered that he in fact did have magical powers. He also had super strength. He could read into the future and teleport with his mind. He also could find Nikki and Ally anywhere, since they were the ones to help him break the curse. He had not told them yet, but he had heard that a Valentine’s Dance was coming, so he decided to wait until after to tell them. He knew who he wanted to go with.

Chapter One:
Big News

Ally had just gotten into class when she heard the news. The school was hosting a Valentine’s Day Dance, and all the boys had to ask the girls. Ally was very worried about that, because she wanted to go, but she also didn’t want to go with someone she barely knew. You see, Ally and Nikki were quite popular in school. Lots of guys were going to ask them to the dance, and she knew she would have to pick someone sooner or later. She decided she would make some groups: Going with, Cute, OK, and No Way. Every guy who asked her got put into a list. At the end of the day, twenty six guys from the school had asked Nikki and her. “What are we gonna do? We have to choose a guy sooner or later, or the dance will be a disaster!” groaned Nikki.
“I know that this is important to both of us. Maybe someone good will ask me or you,” Ally replied. Ally saw Hunter walk over and said hello. They grinned at each other and he walked away. As he walked away without saying nothing more, Nikki could see the slight disappointment on Ally’s face.
“I think you have a crush, Ally!” giggled Nikki. Ally thought about Halloween night and about what happened. Maybe he would ask her, which she doubted. Hunter and Ally had barely talked since then, just stared at each other a lot and ...

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... you said yes,” Nikki said.
“I did,” replied Ally, “and now I need your help. I know Hunter is still cursed, but I want to go to the dance with him. I don’t know if I should be worried or not.”
“You should not be scared,” Nikki said comfortably, “just be yourself, and hopefully by the end of the night, the spell will be broken. If you know what I mean.”
That night was the most magical of all. When Ally walked into the room, there was heart garland all around, romantic music, and lowlights for the effect. Best of all she was there, arm in arm with Hunter, right in the middle of it. “Would you care to dance?” Hunter asked a bit nervously.
“I would love to,” replied Ally, blushing. They had the best night ever, they danced, talked about their adventures together, and ate delicious food. Finally, as the last waltz came to an end, Hunter’s spell was broken.

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