Hunger In Africa Essay

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Hunger has affected much of Africa with its vital epidemic. The main causes of hunger in Africa are the change in climate, the government, growing population but most important poverty. Many people in Africa don't have jobs and for that reason they don't have enough money to buy food for their families. As Director General, Jose Graziano da Silva suggested, the decision to end hunger needs to be taken by society as a whole, not by a single organization or a single government.
Hunger is spreading in Africa including Niger where some 2.9 million people face food shortages. In 1970 sub-Saharan Africa had 18 million malnourished children. By 1997 there were 32 million, according to IFPRI. The global trend, meanwhile, moved in the opposite direction: 203 million hungry children in 1970 down to 166 million in 1997, according to IFPRI report (McLaughlin and Purefoy 1). It is impressive how many children are starving to death in Africa and the percentage just keeps increasing. So many people around the world are trying their best to help out but it is going to take a whole lot more than just some motivated people to make an actual change. According to Vick, Karl a study concludes that without a huge investment in irrigation, fix roads to be able to take harvest to markets and crop research, Africa can have up to 49 million malnourished children by 2020 which is about a rise of 50 percent.
Finding something to eat is a daily challenge Africans have to face. Most of them rely on homestead plots of one or two acres for survival. Many Africans have to raise their own food like cassava or corn but save some so that they can trade it or sell it to make some money. The few pennies they make are useful to buy some used clothes to cover...

... middle of paper ... As many as sixty percent of malnourished children can die in a food crisis but the rate can go higher if this hunger issues are not resolved soon( Palitza 2).
The hunger in Africa is something that has to be taken care of as soon as possible because if not the percentages of sick and malnourish people can go very high. This type of issues cannot be solved just by a simple organization. A society as a whole has to comer together to help this poor children because none of them can help themselves and if we have the courage and what it takes to help this kids we should help them. Not only are children at the point of death but also pregnant women, elderly and men who need help. Do to the climate and the lack of water in Africa they are short in food. There is not much they can do about this but have hope on us to hopefully find a way to stop hunger in Africa.
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