Hunger Games is not the same

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“Hunger Games”, is a book written by Suzanne Collins. This Story takes place in Panem, where two young woman and men from each District are chosen to participate in a fight to the death. The Gamemakers decide what the arena will be like; when the Games are over the arena become a touristic place. The winner gets food, etc for a year and they will live in the Victor´s Village that is a place just for the winners of the Hunger Games. The Capitol made the Hunger Games to remind Panem citizens of the Rebellion. The Hunger Games book has a lot of details and differences, between the book and the movie

One difference is that in the book Madge gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin and in the movie, an old woman from the Hob gave her the pin. Other difference is that in the book she needed water desperately for a long time and in the movie she founds water just after knowing that the water bottle in the backpack doesn´t has water. In the book she was burned in her hands and right calf and in the movie she was burned on her lap. Other difference is th...