Hunger Games Sociology Essay

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My group chose the movie, The Hunger Games, because we felt like it represented clear differences between today’s society and the society in the movie. This movie offers different mindsets and ideas compared to today’s modern society. For instance, the concepts of socialization, politics, and government are different in the movies society. In addition, the United States also does not select two members to compete to the death, nor split up groups according to power and wealth. Our government also does not allow the deviance like the movie does. The social changes are a huge factor as well in the movie. These are just a few concepts of sociology that will be discussed by the group that touch upon major cultural differences. The first difference I saw in the Hunger Games was that people from different districts are not supposed to talk to each other, let alone go to another district. It was against the law to go to another district. Katniss did not like to talk to others anyway, just being by herself in the woods made her more comfortable. She did not like the socialization factor mostly because she thought she was not as good or as classy as the others. Her personality traits suffered as well, from not being more outgoing as a child. She thought as long as she kept to herself, she would be okay. Without these social connections, Katniss would have lost the key functions in our society today. Katniss lost her social interaction with many of citizens by just staying at her own distance, not leaving her bubble of safety. Katniss really did not have a problem with personal space, but she did not like being around others. She preferred the wilderness where she could do what she wanted to do, without having to deal with others. In that ... ... middle of paper ... ...ts feel worse about their selves because they are not as rich or powerful as the other districts. Our government today would not do this to us because they want everyone to feel like they are on the same level as others, and not over powered. The Hunger Games and our society today are similar and yet different in many ways as it’s stated. Katniss and Peeta would be considered normal by today’s terms and behaviors. In the movie, they seem very different than our society acts today just because they have to participate in a killing event at the young age of 16. That’s normally a freshman in high school. Most freshmen are not ready for that gore or violence yet, and would not do well if they were installed in the movie. Overall, the movie really entertained me but I do not think our society and their society are alike in many ways.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their group chose the movie, the hunger games, because it represented clear differences between today's society and the society in the film.
  • Explains that katniss didn't like to talk to others because she thought she was not as good or as classy as the others. she thought as long as she kept to herself, she would be okay.
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