Hunger And Hunger Essay

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Hunger and Obesity Together Obesity cannot be fixed without first fixing hunger and poverty. To be healthy it takes healthy foods (including fruits, vegetables, and low fat products) and burning more calories than digesting. Healthy foods can cost a lot of money and push low-income families to eat unhealthier processed foods. Obesity and hunger are connected it can each be connected to poverty. While obesity seems to be the result of too much food and hunger the lack of food, the common issue of poverty must be addressed in order to ease the obesity crisis in the United States. Low-income neighborhoods lack grocery stores and markets where they can get healthy food affecting both rates of obesity and hunger. Instead the residents are limited to local convenience stores that do not have fresh produce and low-fat products. Instead these stores will have processed food that lacks nutrients. Without good grocery stores and markets it is also affecting hunger for where and how residents are going to get their food. Having limited local convenience stores that often have over priced items pushes more residents to be with less food and to go hungry. So, the lack of good grocery stores or markets with foods with nutrients affects both rates of obesity and hunger. Less money equals unhealthy, and more money equals healthy. A processed type of food is cheap, but also affects people's health. McDonalds® is one of the cheapest fast food places in the United States of America with some food only costing a dollar and also one of the unhealthiest. Low-income families will go there because they are hungry and need a cheep place to eat, but it affects they're health too. McDonalds and many other fast food places contribute by making unhealthy ... ... middle of paper ... ... also made more food available globally. Still around the world there are shortages of food in areas where food is difficult to grow. Africa has climate that is difficult to grow enough food for the needs of the people. Transporting the food is difficult since healthy foods can spoil. Climate and rainfall can make growing good foods a problem. So location and population can contribute to hunger globally. The amount of bad foods is another factor adding to obesity, the portions of bad foods are sometimes large. Kids can sit and eat an entire bag of potato chips or a bowl of ice cream. The foods taste really good and lead kids to continue to eat more and more. So, the volume of bad food eaten adds to the amount of people becoming obese. Soda pop with lots of sugar and caffeine are examples where it provides a sugar rush and makes people want to have more.
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