Hungary and Germany

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I pledge to you, my people. We shall never forget! And never again go so sheepishly to such a terrible death.” Sonia Warshaski. In 1930 the Nazi’s were gaining control of Hungary causing them to fall under their influence. In the previous years the Nazi’s helped Hungary regain their land in World War 1. In 1940 Hungary then becomes part of the axis powers. The Axis powers included Italy, Germany, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. Hungary puts anti-Jewish laws and decrees into place. There were about 825,000 Hungarian Jews in 1941.This is very similar to what Germany does and this leads to Hungary during the war. During the war Germany wants to take the Hungarian Jews or otherwise deport them. Hungary did not want to be involved in the war. The Allied forces were gaining control on the frontline which meant the Axis powers were losing. Hungary tried to talk to the Allied powers to solve peace. In 1944 German forces took over Hungary. Also in 1944 Germans gathered all the Jews up and put them on trains. After they were put on the trains, they were sent straight to the concentration camps. Most of Jews were sent to Auschwitz because it was the designated kill camp. In 1944 the Jewish population in Hungary was 255,000 because most of them were taken to the camps. During spring 1942 Auschwitz became the biggest site for murders of Jews under the Nazi’s plan. It was one of the biggest destinations for the Nazi’s to take all the Jews and exterminate them or work them to death. 1.1 million Life’s were lost including men, children, and women. These 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz and most of them were Jews. Adolf Eichmann is in charge of the deportation of Hungarian Jews. Around the dates May 14 and July 9 about 440,000 Hungarian Jews w...

... middle of paper ... stories to others. The Holocaust affected the Jews but not just the Jews; it affected the world and the families of the people that had to go through this terrible experience. The holocaust is very important to me because I do not want this to happen again. Just from researching and listening to the survivors of the Holocaust it just sounds terrible and sad.

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