Humorous Wedding Speech Delivered by the Groom

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Humorous Wedding Speech Delivered by the Groom

Well, as Henry VIII said to each one of his wives … 'I shall not keep you long'.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this day is an historic day, on this day in 1666, the Great Fire of London started - nothing to do with my wife's cooking. And on this day in the year 2000, you attended this wedding reception and heard the finest wedding speech of your entire lifetime, and my best man Michael will be making it.

I after all, did have a great speech worked out for you today, but as I am now married, my wife has told me what to say instead.

Thank you - All

So on behalf on my wife and I. We would like thank you all for coming here today and sharing our special day with us. Especially those who have travelled some distance to be here, including our chief bridesmaid Suzy and her boyfriend Chris who have come all the way from Canada via Glasgow.

We would also like to thank you all very much for your cards, kind thoughts and wonderful presents. I was afraid that putting a dinner service on the wedding list was not such a good idea. When I discussed it with Mel I suggesting we should get a dishwasher, but she told me not to worry, she's going to get one when she's married - Me!

We had considered getting married abroad, but we decided we would prefer to share our day with all of you. And I'm glad we did. Here's to all of you who are all very special people, picked by us both and may we all have a great day (toast).

Thank you - Brian

Brian, thank you for those kind words, (you hope that you won't let him down/are proud to be his son-in-law, live up to his expectations etc. Having lived with Mel for 3 years now, I think I am prepared well enough.)

I must say that both Hazel and yourself always make me feel very welcome when I come to visit.

In view of the fact that my new Mother-in-Law is so close, I don't want to say much, other than only Adam had no Mother-in-Law - that's how we know he lived in paradise.

Thank you - Parents

We would like to thank both sets of parents as we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them.
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