Humorous Wedding Roast by the Best Man

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Humorous Wedding Roast by the Best Man

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen - My name is Ron and I’m Allen’s best man. Well, I’m the best he could find anyway.

But all things considered, I feel that I’ve done my duty well so far today. I delivered a sober groom to the church on time – well, he was definitely on time! I provided the rings on cue, and as I give this speech now, I don’t think I’m going to offend or embarrass anyone. But to ensure this last part, I better keep things fairly short - and I know Allen’s itching to get to the bar.

Allen is a social type you see - he likes to have a laugh, a few drinks and a dance. And he’s particularly good at the drinking part, his catchphrase being 'WHOSE ROUND IS IT?' or 'GET TO THE BAR!’ He’d be a good dancer as well if it weren’t ...
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