Humor In The Writing Of Mark Twain Essay

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Humor in the Writing of Mark Twain A lot of people want to know about the writing of Mark Twain. Mark Twain’s writings are widely known around the world. ” English teachers are always saying that Mark Twain is the greatest author in American literature.” Stated Dr. Engel in his lecture called “The Genius of Mark Twain.” Mark Twain has been criticized a lot by people about his writings. Especially his novel called The Adventures of huckleberry Finn. The only reason he received as much criticism as he did for that novel was because one specific word. That word is powerful too. This word can be used by one person in the wrong way and shut down a community, a family, and maybe even a life. That word is the word “nigger.” We are not even going to get into that subject right now because that is not what we are here to talk about. People always…show more content…
The answer is no. according to James Cox, “The word serious is fatal to the discussion of humor. Because how can a humorist be serious when he must be humorous?” He also says “If Mark Twain became too serious he would lose his sense of humor and become a moralist or a satirist.” Another thing that he says that catches my eye is when he says “To entertain the doubt of him being serious is to be afflicted with the growing certainty that Mark Twain is a complete humorist.” What that basically means is that if you are willing to doubt that he is serious then you already know in your sole that he a complete humorist. According to James cox again “Huckleberry Finn is the book in which Mark Twain discovered the fullest possibilities of his humor.” That is very agreeable with him because to me any of Twain’s books compared to Huck Finn is dead. Huck Finn is the way maker of Twain’s career in literature. Cox also goes on to say that “The humor in Huck Finn is why the book stands out not only chronologically but critically at the center of Mark Twain’s
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