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Humor as a Type of Social Interaction.
Humor is an essential part of a human life. We are used to laugh everyday in many different situations: while we are at school, while we are hanging out with friends and even when we are occupied with an important project. Many people like to look at funny pictures on-line, go to comedy clubs or to watch humorous telenovelas. Humor helps us feel better, make friends and relieve form stress. Good jokes are the essential part of a human life and doctors even argue that it makes our lives longer. However, what makes joke funny?
In my opinion, good joke can send an important social message, if it is used in the right context and in front of the appropriate audience. When an author or a speaker is making a joke it is important to them to pay close attention to their audience. They should assume audience response to their humor before saying joke out loud. Maybe, it is hard to believe but the same jokes can be very popular in one group and make people angry in other. For example, the phrase:” And the Lord God said,
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Often sarcasm or irony are used in such situations. Good joke can make the negative situation more easy to cope with, hide the author’s shyness, dislike or irritation about some specific topic or idea. We can see such usage of irony in the Ian Franzier’s story “How to Operate with Shower Curtain”, when he writes: “Many guests are surprised to learn that all water pipes in our system run off a single riser. This means that the opening of any hot or cold tap, or the flushing of a toilet, interrupts flow to shower. If you find water becoming extremely hot (or cold), exit tub promptly while using a sweeping motion with one arm to push shower curtain aside” (Franzier, Ian. How to Operate with Shower Curtain.2007). In this paragraph the author uses humor to tell us about his irritation about bad shower system in hotels in mocking way without being rude or
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