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Humor: A Sixth Sense Since I was a baby I was always known as the child with the golden smile. My parents always would say my smile would take me far. People often ask me why I am always so happy and I usually reply with a sarcastic remark like “because I didn 't swallow a doorknob today” or something along those lines; but the real reason is that I have a quality that not everybody has, a sense of humor. Humor has many definitions, but to me it is the ability to perceive and express something that is absurd or incongruous.
A sense of humor is a very important quality to have because it gives you a different perspective on things. In life we face many challenges and obstacles; some good, some bad. It is our decision though on how we handle
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Many teachers use humor in their lessons because when you teach through humorous antics it imprints on students brains and leaves a positive impression on students. In a research paper by Zak Stambor, he claims that using humor in lessons produces physiological and physical benefits that help students learn. Stambor states “using humor to enhance otherwise dull statistical methodology by tapping into students ' multiple intelligences and learning styles in a way that forces them to think in divergent and real-life ways.” He points out that it forces them to think in divergent ways and this is very true because humor engages the student to think more and become more involved with the topic. I will always remember several different concepts that my teacher taught me from Algebra 1. One of the things he always said was that one of the most important words in math was the “F word”; but probably not the one you 're thinking of — he said that “Factoring” was one of the most important concepts of math that is used throughout all levels. He also taught us the order of operations — PEMDAS which stands for Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. I took his acronym and with the help of my sense of humor made my own version, Please Execute My Demon Alien Sister. I creatively came up with this name after my sister thought it would be amusing to pick me up by my legs and throw me at a tree. As you can see humor is a great…show more content…
Staying upset is not going to help you, in fact it will hinder you. In my opinion, being able to recognize the mistakes you have made, not get upset but just learn from them and laugh, and then move on could be the single most important characteristic a person could have. Not only does that show great maturity but it makes you the kind of person that people want to be around. Reflecting joy and happiness to others is a quality that people seek and are drawn to. Have you ever had a friend who was always down and depressed? Those kinds of attitudes rub off on people and I would rather influence others by being happy.
Sometimes, when it is misused, humor can be looked upon in a negative way. When jokes are used to hurt other people, or simply for the amusement of the joke teller it is not funny. This is not humor it is bullying — a joke is never funny if it hurts another person. The whole purpose of a joke is to make people laugh and smile and take some of the weight of the world off your shoulders. Laughing and joking are not worth it if it comes at the expense of

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