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The Effects of Human on the Planet Earth Our world has seen a significant increase in the weather climate and there has been considerable amount of changes to the earth’s geological form. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that the earth is experiencing global warming and although we may try to avoid it, it is happening as we speak and if we don’t do something about it, we may end up having a high increase in carbon dioxide levels. Many different researchers and writers have touched base on the topic, but these three articles really stood out and made an impact. Roy Scranton’s article on “learning how to die in the Anthropocene”, discusses how human beings are too late in saving the planet and instead must live as if they were to…show more content…
Scranton states that “Anthropocene poses … a challenge … to our sense of what it means to be human” (Scranton). While Mike Osborne and Mike Traer explain why humans should limit the amount of damage done on the earth, in order to lessen the effect of global warming. Both articles argue that human beings should take responsibility for the damage on earth and try as much as possible to continue to understand the Anthropocene. In “learning to die”, Scranton begins by discussing his time in Iraq and then moved on to talk about hurricane Katrina and the impact of it. These led Scranton to believe that “we have passed the point of no return … and… the question is no longer whether global warming exists, but how we are going to deal with it” (Scranton). Humans just believe that if we stay still that the issue of global warming will…show more content…
In their seminar, they showed graphic images of changes the earth has seen in the last billion years. They both argue that human beings have in fact had a hand in shaping the earth’s form. The growing population of the earth’s people has caused many of the land to become infertile. The building of dams, roads and cutting down of trees have also contributed to the major natural disasters. Many people think that the modern needs more technology, but in doing so we are messing with nature and it can prove disastrous for us in the end. One example, talked about the Arabs spring and its connection to the heat wave that hit Russia and destroyed about one-third of its crops. This connection seemed slightly far-fetched can be seen as global warming impacting government and our daily lives and if we don’t look into the issues, other form of revolution we begin to take place. Another example, they discussed the climate change and it can bring diseases, especially malaria and cholera. This was even worse than the “Zombie Apocalypse”. The meant it to be as a joke to the audience, referencing the shows that people watch and see the earth been infected by a strange disease and we have only select group who survive to fight this change. We don’t want to be put in this situation because clearly we were made for this earth and we don’t want it to be destroyed. So what is our solution,

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