Humans´ Desire to Seek God

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The Desire for and a Response to God Mr. Kravatz All Humans have a natural desire for God, and the ability to respond to God, illustrated by people such as Moses, Saint Ignatius, or even myself. We know this because we can see our desire being fulfilled when we experience natural or divine revelation. We also have this desire fulfilled when we respond to God when he calls us to do something or to act in a certain way. We as people look for some higher form of guidance, and we can find guidance in the way that God reveals himself. God can reveal himself in a divine way, and not just through nature and experiences. For example he sent Jesus. Through divine and natural revelation we can have a better relationship and understanding of God, and it gives us an idea of how God wants us to act. The possibility of a response to God is based on reaction to calling or revelation. These can be from natural revelation, divine revelation, direct confrontation with God, some sort of epiphany, or just the feeling you get when you do the right thing. God may even have some sort of calling that he will use to lead us in the right path. Humans have a desire for God, and we can see that from revelation, our callings from God, and our response to God. We can learn of a human’s desire and response to God from St. Ignatius. He always looked for a sense of fulfillment in his life by doing things such as trying to become a soldier or war hero, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until his leg was destroyed by a cannonball in battle that he finally began to fulfill his desire. When he was injured, he was in the hospital with The Life of Christ, and a book about the saints. Eventually he was so bored that he began to read. As he began reading he ... ... middle of paper ... ...elp that God gave me when he convinced me to go and talk to the person who wasn’t very popular at the time. Now he has plenty of friends, is much happier, and I’m lucky to know him and to be friends with him. The desire and response to God can be lived out anywhere whether it be at home or at school. At home we sometimes are stressed out and we desire God to help us. In our homes we also receive calling from God to help our family members and to enjoy the little time that we have free from school and work. We can desire God at the school when we are struggling academically, and when we are having trouble with perhaps friends or teachers. We also receive a calling and help from God in school when we get the inspiration to work harder, create artwork, or pass our assessments. Everyone has a natural desire for God and the ability to respond to God when he calls us.
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