Humanity and their Need for Attention

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How to Name a Human
In modern times pop culture dominates the lives of most people in the United States. It often puzzles me how we can live peacefully in our society full of gossip and easy access to news. As a result, people in our country have come to accept the rapid influx of news on a day to day basis. This is bad for our society because it makes people expect some form of drama daily, and makes normal news stories seem unimportant. Younger Americans eat up gossip and drama like they are addictive drugs; and rely on new sources every day to obtain their most precious information. Of course, the news does not just make itself up; there are people responsible for this madness, people that are seeking attention. There are many, more logical methods of gaining attention such as designing an app or making a new discovery in science. Strangely it appears to me that now people are relying on their children for attention, by giving them outlandish names. Such names include but are certainly not limited to: Apple, Moses, Dweezil, Moon Unit, Diva Muffin, Poppy Honey, Egypt, Blue Ivy, and the infamous Blanket Jackson. Something that fazes me in my life is that all the above names were produced by celebrities. Why do celebrities need excess attention? This once again goes back to the point that gossip and drama are harmful and addictive drugs.
Such Outlandish style names are not only found in the media. In my young years, I spent many summers at camp, and met some very interesting people. Of course, going to the same camp for eight consecutive years would be boring for some, but I found it very entertaining. We went on long day trips to local pools, visited museums, rode on go-kart tracks, and even explored hiking trails. My most fond...

... middle of paper ... not ruin their lives forever. For parents that are more, for lack of a better term, “normal” I have a great category of names that I call Conventional. Conventional style names are simple and to the point. No extra letters, spaces, or emoticons, just regular everyday names. Some examples of Conventional names include: Max, Steven, Lori, Lucy, Robert, Brandon, Mark, Alex, Rebecca, Brianna, Amanda, and my personal favorite, Ryan. Some people consider these names to boring, but honestly a child is going to have a better time getting through school named Julia then Rainbow. Last, but not least there is one final statement I must make, which is probably the best piece of advice I can give. Whether it’s Outlandish, Ironic, or Conventional, the number one rule of thumb when picking a name for a human is to trust your gut, if it sounds right then it probably is.
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