Humanity and Our Clever Traits

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Human beings are clever creatures. This is proven in everyday life, but they also have a horrible side. People aren’t necessarily evil by choice, but rather are, whether they want to be or not. Certain traits can cause this change in other people. Without these traits, humans wouldn’t be as bad as they are now, but because these traits do exist, humans behave without truly thinking of the long-term effects, or of the affect they have on other people’s lives.
Tris’s mom couldn’t have said it better when she said, “Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.” This statement sums up how humans are perfectly. They are good for a period, and then things start to go downhill. They begin to do things they normally wouldn’t, and say things they don’t really mean. Before long they are completely different people, just because somebody wronged them, whether it was on purpose or by accident. Effects of being wronged are as follows: desperation, greed, jealousy, resentment, fright, distrust, and many others.
Desperation leads to “bad” creeping in faster than most traits. The definition of desperation is, “Recklessness brought on by great urgency and anxiety.” In fact, it often leads to the other traits that cause humans to be bad. If a human is desperate, it causes them to have bad judgment, and they act out of their normal ways of behavior. Most of the time, they are put in a case of desperation because of another human. Humans wrong each other a lot, sometimes deliberately. Other times, it is unintentional, but either way, it happens. Anxiety clouds judgment, making people act in ways that are frowned upon in society. These acts of despair cause others to be hurt, and make the person...

... middle of paper ... change anything about their lives. Humankind is used to having things the way they want it, no matter what, even if they are hurting the ones they hold closest.
Humanity has a major flaw. It allows humans to be good, and live lives that seem perfect, and then all of a sudden it snatches the rug out from under their feet, causing a series of tumbles that throws humans into a pit. This pit is the pit of evil. It has all of humanity’s worst traits in it, and when people fall into it, they try to hoist themselves out by latching onto other people, even if they pull them down with them. Humans are good, until the bad creeps back in and poisons them. When that happens, humans cause all sorts of mayhem, but through it all, they somehow survive. The human race will always be bad, and that is the truth. It will stay like this indefinitely. It’s humanity’s greatest flaw.
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