Humanity In Spoke Zarathustra, By Nietzche

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451 words

Throughout Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche describes human value and meaning as "self-overcoming" towards the overman. Rather than offering a clear and precise model or a set of principles to abide by, Nietzsche stresses growth, change, self-criticism, and self-improvement. The value of the human endeavor, for him, lies not in strict adherence to some fixed standard or set of standards but rather in the constant transcendence of those standards.
The overman is the ultimate state of being in which man can achieve total self-mastery—everyone should strive to be this person. For Zarathustra, the overman is the state toward which he is journeying, as well as the state he teaches his disciples to aspire to. According to Zarathustra, human beings are only one step above animals in terms of biological evolution. The evolution that Zarathustra seeks in the overman, however, is a kind of spiritual evolution of self-awareness. Humanity, as Zarathustra sees it, is still bound to superstitious notions about God, who he believes is dead. Those that have rejected such notions have instead accepted other notions of modern morality and justice, which he believes is also foolish and not beneficial. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how nietzsche describes human value and meaning as "self-overcoming" towards the overman in thus spoke zarathustra.
  • Explains zarathustra's view that the overman is the ultimate state of being in which man can achieve total self-mastery.
  • Analyzes how the will to power is a major philosophical theme in thus spoke zarathustra. it is the mental state that the overman must arrive at in order to accept the eternal return.
  • Explains that the eternal return is the notion that time is eternal and that all things that have ever happened will happen again. zarathustra cannot fully attain it without a true love of life.

The overman must struggle with this will to power because it is what gives his life meaning. Other wills cause humans to live for base desires, but the will to power helps overcome those states. Just as stated in the eternal return, a person can realize that all that has happened can be willed to happen and will happen again, so that one can find happiness in their lives. Many have incorrectly interpreted this, such as the Nazis, who thought that Nietzsche wills humans to dominate others. According to Nietzsche, will and power must be used together so that one can transcend the nature of society, not dominate

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