Humanitarian Crisis In South Sudan

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(Introduction) The humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, which is reaching an all time high, is due to not only drought and disease, but also poor leadership and the impending civil war between two of the main religious groups in the country. Therefore, better leadership and more humanitarian rescue organization, such as Unicef and Fund for Peace, must be established to end the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.
(Background Paragraph)
The entire region of sub Saharan Africa has been consumed with starvation and malnutrition, but the case in South Sudan has proven to be the worst so far. South Sudan has been spiraling out of control ever since its independence from Sudan in 1956. Facing three civil wars and many droughts in the past has
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With “food shortages, a deepening economic crisis, insecurity and insufficient funds…” (FOA), South Sudan has proven to be “one of the poorest countries in the world” (PLOS). This is a result of the government not doing enough to help their citizens. The term “man-made crisis” appears in many articles, accusing the government and the rebels for starting the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. Emma Emeozor, a…show more content…
The result of the possible drought will only increase the number of people starving in South Sudan. Sam Mednick, a journalist working in South Sudan, states the “country could once again plunge into famine in 2018” (Mednick). This would plunge South Sudan further into its economic depression. To add to South Sudan's declining economy, the harvest of this year will also be poor to nothing (Oxfam). However, the drought is only a small factor in the growth of the humanitarian crisis in the country. “South Sudan is the world's most fragile state due to poor government leadership,” Patricia Taft, a camp leader to help people in need, states. Much of South Sudan’s population blame the government for their state of economic depression. This is because of growing conspiracies that the “government has been restricting supplies to the public” (Burke). Food supply in South Sudan is poor to nonexistent in some regions of South Sudan due to riots and protests against the war. Lack of food supply to the citizens has caused an outcry for a new government and many young adults wanting to fight to put an end to the
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