Humanism In Ancient Greek Architecture

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Ancient Greek architecture are not just regarding to their use in geometry and proportions, it's also their great desire and wiliness to learn from nature, the aspiration to understand nature subsequently illustrating it through architecture. In Greeks philosophy, they sees human as the highest beings in the universe, this gave the Greeks an idea of using the human body dimension as a mathematical unit, this a philosophical concept is called Humanism. It was an significant factor contributed to ancient Greek architecture. Their characteristics in architecture has always been "outside the box" during primitive times, details such as orders and sculptures had symbolic meanings. Examples of good use in aesthetics and representative pieces of architectures can be found in the Acropolis. Their interest in perfection has been engraved into the architectural world, the excellence of their intelligence enabled them to create the most monumental pieces, their work so great that the ancients even believe they have been built by the gods. Architecture has been part of their culture, the primary intention is to allow its people to possess in patriotism, religion and confidence. In addition to be impress and proud to be part of their civilization. Consequently the Greeks had a reason to build.
The Acropolis (in Greek meaning city) of Athens is a steep-sided hill containing several temples ruins, precincts, and other buildings. The Acropolis of Athens has remain as a monument of success to the people of Athens. The temples were used to worship Greek gods. It arises over the city of Athens on a steep hill. However It nearly took two century of experimenting to get it right due to its practically outrageous planning in where each building is plac...

... middle of paper ... of other buildings housing on the Acropolis, each had a purpose to hold Athens up high, It allow the cultural maturity of Athens expressed through its architecture.
As far as concerned to what was focused on the Acropolis, one thing is obvious, is that the Athenians are highly creative and artistic.
The Greeks made a revolutionary contribution to the architectural history, ancient Greek architects strived for precision, perspective and proportions. Newly invented mathematical formulas made the impossible possible, provided the basis for building resplendent architectural pieces with optical, spatial refinements, orders and meticulously crafted sculptures. The audacious approach expanded the conceptual boundary in architecture. Eventually, derivation of these audacious attempts influenced the architecture up till present, their excellence shall never be forgotten.
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