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What does it mean to be wise? Is it the specialization of one thing or the knowledge of many? Perhaps it is determined by your age or experience? Well according to Socrates, arguably one of the world’s greatest philosophers, human wisdom can be characterized as knowing what one does know. What he means by this definition is that there are limits to our knowledge and understanding of things, and we must be aware of that. This definition is an adequate account of the concept because Socrates, himself is considered a credible source, he took time out research this idea to justify his claim, and he possesses the quality of wisdom himself. By Socrates defining human wisdom in this way, it proves that the allegations against Socrates were in fact false and therefore his death was unwarranted. Socrates was a great philosopher. At a…show more content…
He possesses the qualities his account but also by the assignment of others. According to Socrates the definition of human wisdom is the acknowledgment and understanding of the limitations to solely crediting one 's knowledge of certain things. Socrates showed that he possessed these qualities when he acknowledged that there are unique skills and perspectives that people of other trades, such as poets and craftsmen (Plato 22c-d) Even though he did not necessarily possess these qualities he felt like they were something to be admired (Plato 22c-d). Also through he researched he was able to develop an understanding of limitations that one is subjected to when they solely credit their knowledge and skills. (Plato 22e – 23a) Others such as Plato and the Oracle have also attested to Socrates’ wisdom by looking to him as an inspiration and deeming that “none is wiser than he.” (Plato 21c) Socrates was a wise man because his knowledge did not restrain hiknowledgem. He wanted to learn more and know more and encouraged others to do the same. That being said Socrates became a victim of his wisdom because of other 's

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