Human Well Being Essay

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Water and sanitation effecting the human well-being. What is human well-being, human well being is the factor that every living being can have a good life no matter what country, political system or conditions they live in. Most factors that contribute to a good well being consist around basic human rights and needs. These factors could be access to food or water, employment, owned property and even relationships. In 1943 a man named Abraham Maslow developed a way of listing these factors in order of needs, this list was called the hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of needs resembles a triangle and list the foundations of needs in order from greatest to least (bottom to top). Without water the human wellbeing is effected greatly because water…show more content…
Sanitation isn’t just a problem in third world countries it’s a problem in most countries because of the bacteria and diseases that contaminates the water and the chemicals and waste dumped into water supplies. The world health organisation did an investigation into deaths by water borne diseases and effects of drinking dangerous chemicals mixed in with water every day. They figured out that annually 3.4 million people die just because of water borne diseases. The reason this death count is so high is because in most countries there sewage and water is untreated. Continents like North America and Europe have around 66% to 97% of their water and sewage treated in treatment plants although other continents like Asia, Africa and Oceana have 35%-0% of there water treated. 80% of diseases are waterborne and can be obtained just from drinking from an unsafe water supply. In countries like Africa diseases are a big problem because of there lack of water supply causing them to drink any water they can find. When these people drink dangerous water they could get many diseases like, shigella are deadly version of diarrhoea and trachoma a disease that can effect eyesight leaving around 146 million blind around the world. Diseases in water bodies in third world countries aren’t the least of their problems because there are also lethal chemicals being dumped into the water everyday like arsenic and…show more content…
There isn’t a lot we can do to help out people in other countries although their is an estimated price on helping half the countries that need water, 23 billion US dollars. If we take in the fact of how many countries and deaths are accounted for, 23 billion dollars isn’t allot of money judging by the problem at hand. The U.N does already contribute 16 billion US dollars a year although the problem rises every year because our earths water supply is slim. My aim with this assignment is to prove that water problems doesn’t just affect third world countries it affects the entire earth, and that in third world countries there sanitation is very dangerous for their health as water becomes scarce. I believe that to solve this problem we first need to increase easy access water supplies to third world countries then we can focus on easier access in rural areas because out of the 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to an easy water supply 84% live in rural areas. In conclusion I believe that if we solve the problem of water and sanitation in third world countries and our own country it will help us and it will also help other aspects of the human
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