Human Trafficking in Poland

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Human Trafficking in Poland Article Source: (Washington University Global Studies Law Review; 2013, Vol. 12 Issue 4, p783-805, 23p) Author: (Dyk, Antonina Maria1) This particular article takes a dive into the troubles of human trafficking taking place in the country of Poland. It describes the hardships that both Polish and other ethnic races experienced due to the cruelness of human trafficking. The article goes in depth about the flaws in the Polish justice system and lack of prosecution of human trafficking cases due to these flaws. It also explains the reason behind the flaws of the justice system. Many of the reasons stem from the lack of a Polish definition of human trafficking. Dyk gives a global perspective of the problems of human trafficking and shows comparisons of the lack of knowledge on the subject that Poland has on the offense. As the article ends it tells the ways in which Poland is beginning to endure a change. The United Nations and other global institutions have influenced the Polish Law and allowed them to adopt some very crucial principles. These principl...

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