Human Trafficking Throughout the U.S

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The trafficking of human beings has evolved and become more universal and serious over the years. Trafficking of people is equivalent to modern day slavery. The duties and expectations of these people are outrageously irrational. The victims are forced to do unthinkable tasks for people they may or may not know. Anyone can be a leader or a victim of human trafficking. Victims of trafficking programs span from an extensive variety of women, children, and men ranging widely in age. There are two very diverse trafficking programs: sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Sex trafficking, the most common of the two trafficking programs, can also be referred to as sex slavery. The sex trafficking occurs when the unwilling are being forced to perform sexual acts on or with other humans. Labor trafficking, also known as labor servitude, is when people are involuntarily being required to do unimaginable labor jobs (Corbett).

I. Getting lured into trafficking.

Most people do not grow up wishing to take part in or be a victim of the horrific trafficking of other human beings. Those who are now a part of the trafficking in the United States were in some way lured in or born into the trafficking business. Some people get scammed.

into trafficking with the promise of getting authentic jobs such as hostess, domestics, or working in the agricultural industry. In some scenarios, foreign children who are brought into the U.S. with the promise of being given an education or financial opportunities, come to realize they were tricked into these trafficking programs. There are even families, who may or may not comprehend what will happen to their kids, who send their children to be trafficked (Corbett). There are also minors and adults that make t...

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