Human Trafficking: The Newest Form os Slavery

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Human trafficking, the newest form of slavery, had spread across the world, even in Kansas City (UNODC). Human trafficking is a form of forced labor, whether it may be working on farms to working as a prostitute (Kansas City Star). Human trafficking is considered one of the main criminal industries in the world (Polaris Project). Also, there are many forms of trafficking. The most common are sex trafficking or forced labor (Polaris Project). In many situations, traffickers are sex trafficking people and using forced labor (Polaris Project).
In the United States, and the world, human trafficking is an issue that needs to be dealt with. According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC), in 2013, 25,000 calls were made to the NHTRC to register a potential trafficker in the USA (Polaris Project). It is estimated that every year, traffickers generate billions of dollars because of the millions of victims in forced labor (Polaris Project). Almost 100,000 children are put in the sex trade each year just in the United States (Polaris Project). Human traffickers are not identifying one victim. In the US, studies have shown that traffickers target anyone, no matter your race, age, or gender (Polaris Project). The United States is a trafficking central because of immigration (Kansas City Star). Immigrants tend to be easier victims, in my opinion, because many are desperate and looking for a better life in the United States, but most do not have the money. Another reason this problem is so big is because most people do not know what human trafficking is. Out of 2500 calls to report human trafficking, roughly 8000 of them were by citizens (Polaris Project).
A lot of people do not know what human trafficking is. However, hum...

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...fficking is a global issue that needs to be stopped. Thousands of people are put in the trafficking system every year. The US is helping right now by donating $12.5 million to support stopping human trafficking. Anyone can help by joining a group and raising money or boycotting trafficker-made food. Slavery has one thing that is different than human trafficking. In the United States, it’s banned.

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