Human Trafficking Speech

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Human Trafficking is the illegal trading of human beings for sexual exploitation or forced labor. There are a few different forms of trafficking. Every form of human trafficking is a violation of human rights and a serious crime. There are specialized roles when it comes to trafficking. Most operate on small-scales and have different roles taken over by different gangs. The different types of roles include recruitment, the providing of forged documents, transportation, bribing police or border officials, being a pimp, and laundering or hiding of the profits. Some criminals do not operate in gangs. Although working in gangs and having different people for different roles is way more effective when it comes to not being caught by the police…show more content…
The average age for a child is 13 to 14 years old. The victims may be forced to have sex 20-48 times a day.
Traffickers persuade or force victims to travel with them. They usually promise the girls a job, education, a better life, or security for the victims family. Traffickers who run or control the girls in sex trafficking are called “pimps.” Pimps prey on girls who seem like they have a past of being abused by someone or have a bad home life and are wanting to get out. There are a few different types of recruitment methods of picking up victims. Often they are recruited by family or friends, children are sold by their families, fake marriages, say they can work or study abroad, or get a job as a bartender, dancer, or maid. Although these jobs would not sound pleasing to a normal person, it is exactly what a battered person who is looking for a way out of their current situation needs. The victims are vulnerable and like the offers the pimps make them. Most of the girls do not even realize or know they are being talked to by a pimp or trafficker. A brothel is a place where the girls forced into prostitution engage in the
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Most trafficked victims are poor and desperate, and are often called “soft targets” for the recruiters. Many of the human trafficking takes place in the lower economically developed of South America, Eastern Europe, and regions of Asia. About 800,000 people are trafficked out of their source countries and across international borders every year. The majority of the victims do not know they are being trafficked when they agree to leave their countries. If they do not own legal travel documents and are not able to get forged papers, they allow themselves to be smuggled in. They are smuggled in small, unsafe boats, airless trucks, and some even swim across dangerous waters. A lot of traffickers use hub airports since the size and volume of traffic is so great. Other countries are chosen because of their weak control and corrupt government.
Strict border controls are used to stop smuggling and trafficking. A few countries are used both as source and destination countries. Wealthier countries like the United States, Western Europe, and Japan import more than they export. Borders are getting more and more high- tech to prevent such horrible