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Because of the fact that new policies and laws are not decreasing the participation and growth of the sex slave industry, it is up to society to educate themselves on ways to prevent slave trade and signs that it may be occurring near their communities. To prevent human sex trafficking, it is essential to know who is being affected, where it is happening, and how to approach the situation. Roman Shrestha, Pramila Karki, Asha Suwal, Michael Copenhaver state in their article on PLOS, a non-profit science library, “The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that the official estimates of the number of people who are trafficked each year vary significantly from tens of thousands to millions” (2). As stated previously, there are many reasons contributing to the rise of sex slavery. Because human traffickers tend to be run by men rather than women, the demand for sex slaves are in women and children. The Polaris Project, a Human trafficking prevention plan, provides many helpful tips to allow easy identification of trafficking situations. For example, if one is observing a current victim’s actions, one would check if the victim seemed freighted, anxious, depressed, paranoid or is avoiding eye contact (Polaris). Though these behavioral actions could be happening for a number of reasons, it is important to recognize why the victims would react this way. Because many times sex trafficking can easily be recognized as prostitution, many victims are scared that they may run into problems with the law as well as get in trouble with their pimp, also known as the manager or owner. Human traffickers are very ruthless when it comes to their workers. Because the victims do not know how to help their situation or how to escape, they... ... middle of paper ... ... the victims, that Somaly Mam considered to be her friends, began to expose their stories and experiences to the world. Gerhard Jörén states “In 2009, Nicholas Kristof wrote in The New York Times about a girl named Long Pross, who had finally summoned the strength to tell her stunning story of sexual slavery”. Long Pross, similar to Mam, was featured on famous television shows, such as Oprah. Pross was beaten and tortured for years, until she was saved by Somaly Mam. Many found her story very sorrowful and heartbreaking, until there began to be slight complications in her story. Pross stated that she had endured medical surgeries for abortions and an eye wound caused by her pimp (Gerhard Jörén). Jörén states “Dr. Pok Thorn says he performed surgery on Pross when she was 13, after her parents brought her to a hospital with a nonmalignant tumor covering her right eye”.

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