Human Trafficking Is an Affront to Humanity

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Every year over 800,000 people are trafficked; for sex, labor, or forced military action (Human Trafficking Statistics). Human trafficking is not just a phenomenon in under-developed third-world countries, it is happening right here in the United States. Slavery has always been a bustling business, but it has increasingly been edging itself back into our modern day culture. Human trafficking is immoral, because it is a form of indentured servitude due to political, economic, and health standard grounds.
Politically speaking, in some parts of the world, it is considered acceptable to own slaves. Human trafficking is an international occurrence, and it is post-modern slavery. As a rule, when victims are trafficked they are forced into a life of work in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, retail and domestic service (Rosen). However, when underage girls/young women are exploited, they are usually trafficked for commercial sex (Rosen). The Congressional Research Service notes: “Trafficking victims are often subjected to mental and physical abuse in order to control them, including debt bondage, social isolation, removal of identification cards and travel documents, violence, and fear of reprisals against them or their families.” Unfortunately, the true number of people trafficked, in the sex trade and into forced labor, is difficult to determine. The battle against the sex/labor trafficking, over the last decade or so, has become a human-rights issue (Rosen).
Economically, tons of money is spent on purchasing slaves every year. The trafficking of humans is a billion dollar a year industry (Viamonte and Thomas-Poppell). As people become exceptionally vulnerable to exploitation, and businesses continually seek out the lowest co...

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...ring they do not originate from a sweatshop in a third-world country. As Abraham Lincoln stated, “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

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