Human Trafficking Essay

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Many people believe that slavery has been a worldwide issue that was left in the past, however, it is still a part of society today and is now known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as a hidden crime understate, federal and international law that involves the exploitation of a person through the use of fraud, coercion or mental and physical abuse (DEF). Throughout the world, many human beings are being trafficked across countries. According to the Washington Post, there are about 30 million slaves in the world and 60,000 in the US (EVD). Human trafficking is more pervasive in Ending Human Trafficking
Many people believe that slavery was a worldwide issue that was left in the past, however, it is still a part of society today
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If we want this horrid crime to come to an end we have to do it ourselves, every citizen, neighbor, social and political student activists, fellow Houstonians and we must do it together (AUD). Human trafficking is more pervasive in Houston, Texas than many people realize and for that, nothing is being done. Our Houston dark alleys have become an international start point in this crime. According to an article by Laurie Johnson from the Houston Public Media, Houston has a huge commercial sex industry bigger than in Las Vegas. There are about 300,000 girls that are being trafficked and Texas accounts for about 25 percent (PRBD). Will there ever be an ending to this human trafficking? If so how? (RHET?) It is within our grasp to extinguish human trafficking from not just our city but from the world, we cannot just wait for a solution to be handed into our hands, if we did, many victims will still continue to suffer. We can begin with how to recognize human trafficking, what to do before and after helping victims being rescued and how to actively take a role in ending human trafficking…show more content…
Slaves are being forced to do things against their will by fraud, coercion and abuse. Organizations have come together to help human trafficking from increasing, but unfortunately that is not enough (CLM). Fraud is the first thing that a victim of human trafficker goes through. They are being promised high paying jobs, a better life and working conditions. Once fraud is done, the victims consent becomes invalid. They’re passports, working documents or any type of identification is quickly taken away from them, leaving them with nothing. Like the victim Ellie, she believed she was going to another country to work as a cleaner but instead she arrived at a house of a pimp that told her she would work as a sex slave until her debts of the passport were paid off. However, one day she was physically abuse to the extreme and called the police. While the police did a background check they noticed that she had no visa or passport (EVD). They didn’t question themselves as to why she did not have any type of identification, they asked themselves why did she come to their country. Her abuser was not arrested and she was sent to detention as for her own protection; it was like a prison cell. Coercion along with abuse play a big role in the victim’s life. The authority is failing to stop human trafficking from spreading. They are failing to recognize a person from being a victim of human
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