Human Trafficking Causes Essay

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B. Causes of Human Trafficking While we may not be able to save the world or change conditions in other counties, we can and must do what we are able to stop human trafficking in our communities and work outward from there. There isn’t any one factor that causes human trafficking but many. Brain storming initially gave us a list of causes that we took to a flow chart to see how and if they connected. We then categorized and narrowed the causes down to two main categories, to economic and social-cultural that leads to human trafficking, using morphological analysis. Economically the human trafficking industry is highly profitable because of the demand of the sex industry. Wellspring figures show that from 2003 to 2007 just the known underground sex industry alone grew form $238 million to $290 million in Atlanta ("Resources - Wellspring Living," n.d.). The process of obtaining services is as quick as a click of a mouse on or, the meet up can be arranged at your place or hers. Although we thought trafficking goes on mainly in impoverished areas most of the purchasers come from middleclass areas. According to the Schapiro Group study, 42% of men who replied to their ads were from North of the perimeter, 23% South of the perimeter, Urban Core 26%, and the airport area 9% (Schapiro Group, 2010). Not only…show more content…
In some cases this may be, but I have yet to find actual evidence to back this up. Studies and questionnaires seem to lead to the conclusion, the demand for prostitutes are likely due to the fact that sex is one of the major human motivators. Services are most likely purchased because of sexual desire, without having the expenses and emotional baggage a real relationship brings ("Why Ask 'Why Men Buy Prostitutes? '," 2010). Some other cultures see nothing wrong with paying for sex, or even having sex with
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