Human Trafficking Case Study

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1. When the word slavery come to mind, every one thinks that it is an old ill story, a treatment of a human being as a private property or a commodity reduced to a state of dependency via threats, violence and humiliation. It is considered as a severe violation of fundamental human rights and had destroyed the fabric of the African society. Nowadays, slavery or human trafficking still exists and on an even substantial scale than it did during the empirical era .
2. All over the world, this shameful crime can be addressed only with coordinated and comprehensive strategies, taking into account the transnational nature of the problem.
3. The main objective of this paper is to analyze how Rwanda can have a leading position in the global fight against human trafficking in the eastern region. How Rwanda can serve as a role model and activate other east African countries in order to eliminate this shameful crime.
4. Rwanda has made excellent progress in ensuring the eradication of human trafficking with a number of laws and policies. However, there is still a long way to go. It will require an effective cooperation among states in the region for human trafficking to be eliminated, a regional and a global
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Furthermore, there are still conceptual mistakes to distinguish some terms in the definition, such as smuggling, trafficking in human beings and illegal migration. The intrinsic difference is that “trafficking is a crime which infringes the fundamental rights of persons, while smuggling is a violation of legislation protecting the borders” . It is crucial to have the same definition, clearing out the misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the definition, to have an efficient anti-trafficking policy against this heinous crime. As such, considering human trafficking as across-border crime, a case of trafficking can easily be mixed up or consider as a case of smuggling or illegal migration, therefore the victims cannot benefit the needed assistance and
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