Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is defined as the trade and selling of people most often for sexual acts, forced labor, and the removal of organs.Human trafficking has always existed even before the invention of record keeping. Trafficking created the mold for the modern day world that we currently live in through oppression,violence, and the lack of value for human life. Personally my ancestors were most likely trafficked through the slave trade by European settlers in Africa.The victims of human trafficking vary in age; from as young as ten years old for males and thirteen year’s old for females.

Human trafficking is estimated at about $650 billion per year in 2010 in the United States.(Haken, 2011.)California is one of the largest hubs in the U.S for human trafficking because of its large population. The traffickers have a similar mindset as to the mind of a drug dealer but the difference is that drugs can be sold once but a person can be sold over and over again.The victims of human trafficking are usually tricked into the life and come from third world countries, ghettos, and single family homes; some victims are even abducted off of the street. Traffickers often prey in these poverty stricken areas because people have no where else to go.Victims often come from homes where they were previously sexually abused. Human trafficking hurts not only the victim but the original country that they are coming from. As a result, production in many third world countries has decreased. The victims who are forced into prostitution may sometimes acquire HIV and Aids. Many slaves are taken away from their families and face post traumatic stress disorder due to their harsh treatment and separation from home.

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