Human Trafficficking And Sex Trafficking In Spain

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Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking In Spain
Imagine yourself living your regular life and suddenly someone abducts you and ships you off to another country to be brought into a human trafficking ring. That has happened to many people and they were shipped off to Spain. In Spain, many people get into sex trafficking because they have family already trafficked. Many more are trafficked because they owe money and have to repay the debt. Many traffickers get the victims addicted to drugs and traffick them when they can't pay for the drugs anymore. Many Spaniards remain ignorant of human trafficking within Spain, believing that this inhumane act only occurs in other countries.
Many people still do not know what human trafficking is. Human trafficking is the illegal moving of humans for exploitation. Louise Shelley states "With demand and uncoordinated enforcement efforts, the human trade for labor and sex cannot be stopped." She is right, human trafficking is forcefully moving humans to other locations for sex and labor. Most traffickers use the people for sex trafficking. Martha Irvine calls human trafficking "... a victimless crime, seeing domestic prostitution as something very different from sex trafficking with its cross-border abductions and brutal coercion -- a scourge that's come to the forefront of news in recent years." She states that people often mistake sex trafficking as prostitution but, in sex trafficking the people are always moved and abducted. Victims are often beaten to obey their trafficker.
The most basic form of human trafficking is sex trafficking. The earnings of sex trafficking is "five million euroes a day" (Benitez, Ines) Also "most victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Spai...

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...sucked into human trafficking and can't get out of it. They often get into it from people already inside and start their hazardous journey to their death. The victims go through long death walks and may die along the way. I think that human trafficking is wrong and needs to be stopped. Many people are abused and it impacts society. Society in Spain is not very good because it ranks number two in the European area. The victims can't request help because they don't speak the language and don't know what to do. Authorities can't handle human trafficking very well. The laws were only classified human trafficking as illegal in December of 2010. The exploiters can spend up to 10 years in jail for human trafficking. They often let the victims stay in the country until they are sure that the victims can leave. In the end, human trafficking is bad and needs to be stopped.
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