Human Security and World Policies

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It was not until World War II that great powers revisited security interests and the importance of global interconnectedness and cooperation. Yet, more explicitly the Cold War between Russia and the United States, and the continuous tension and military mitigation would bring these two great powers face to face in what could have been the last World War. Russia and the United States would finally understand the importance for the sake of humanity to have agreements and treatises that would prevent further nuclear weapons expansion. It was evident with the continuous debacles of genocides, holocausts, and human rights violations that great powers such as the United States would advocate world organizations such as the League of Nations, the United Nations, the Security Council and more with the purpose of a New World Order endorsing a shift from state predominant security to an interest in human security.
In this fragment from by the Friends Committee on National Legislation titled Shared Security Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy a new core approach to the management of International Affairs relying on global cooperation is predisposed. The U.S. as the country leading International Affairs and with its concurrent role as policeman to the world is now seeking with this approach to draw nation states into mutual cooperation. Consequently, it is important to denote that America has achieved the three defining activities of a state and moving into this ideal of collective security does not come as a surprise in a nation that is legitimate, powerful, and driven to maintain world order. Meanwhile, pre-developing and developing nation states are still at the bottom tear of socio-economic development and the idea of collective security, w...

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...ttest will only bring periods of abhorrence and tension amongst our man made divisions. This is a positive shift from the concentration of fear and competition and the satisfactory understanding of collective empowerment. This system will help tackle the systematic problems in the global scope that by the laws of nature and humanity create and interdependence on each other as one world. In order to reach a successful global environment and tackle the prevalent problems in a society it is important to let go of the central focus of power as the main objective.” These four critical theorist contributed a different opinion to this new policy decision of the U.S., and only with time will humanity know if we are bound by the laws of nature and self interest as Morgenthau believes, or if this can allow a shift into a sane and safe global community as perceived by Falk.

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