Human Rights: The Major Challenges Of Human Rights

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Human rights are those rights that are fundamental for the human life. Human rights are rights to certain claims and freedoms for all human beings all over the world. These rights, besides being fundamental and universal in character, assumed international dimension. These rights ensure to make man free. Universalization of Rights without any distinction of any kind is a feature of human rights. These rights recognize the basic human needs and demands. Every country should ensure human rights to its citizens. The Human rights should find its place in the Constitution of every country. These rights are given to every human being for one basic reason that he is human. With the passage of time human realized that being human is the
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We will briefly try to enlighten these challenges so we can further proceed ourselves to meet up with the challenges of the human rights.
Lets start from the world’s more than fifty percent of the population who are women, violence against-women-issue as a human right violation in the International human rights discourses. The basic voice against this issue is raised depend upon the four World Conferences on women, Mexico City: A Global Dialogue is Opened, Copenhagen: The Review Process Begins, Nairobi: "The Birth of Global Feminism" and Beijing: Legacy of Success. Women across the world, regardless of income, age or education, are subject to physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence. Intimate partner violence accounts for the majority of women’s experiences of
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Experience of violence can lead to long term physical, mental and emotional health problems in the most extreme cases, violence against women can lead to death. Two thirds of victims of intimate partner/family related homicides are women, while women represent only 20 percent of victims of all cases of homicides. Half of countries in developing regions report a lifetime prevalence of intimate partner physical and/or sexual violence of at least 30 per cent. Prevalence is generally high in Africa, with one quarter of countries in the region reporting prevalence of at least 50 per cent. In Oceania, prevalence is the highest, reaching over 60 per cent in a number of countries in the region. More than half of developed countries report a lifetime prevalence of at least 20 per cent. Lifetime experience of psychological violence (including emotional abuse and controlling behavior) is highest in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Oceania and in developed countries where prevalence is higher than 40 per cent in more than half of countries. Acceptance of wife‐beating is generally higher in Africa, Asia and
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