Human Rights In World Politics Essay

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Our global is consist of various countries and people have different cultures. However they have one thing in common that is the rights to be an individuality. All human beings are born equally regardless of nation, gender, religion and other aspects which may discriminate people from another. Although people have the same rights, some of them are oppressed and trespassed by others in world politics. This essay will illustrate the role of human rights in world politics in three main points. Firstly, the definition of human rights will be illuminated. Secondly, it will exemplify the role of human rights in world politics. Finally, the challenge of human rights will be advanced.

What are Human Rights?
Human rights are described as the rights which valid for every people simply because they are human being (Flowers, n.d.). Human rights are not only universal rights which apply to each person without exception but also incontrovertible which absolute and innate that cannot be denied by any national government. In addition human rights are subjective, they belong to individual subjects who dominate them because of their ability for rationality, agency and autonomy (O’Byrne, 2003). Human rights infer from three main interconnect foundation according to Redman and Whalen (1998) included religion, philosophy and law.
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In society, human rights are discussed due to the development of systematised definitions and human rights become widespread. Various ways of understanding have been brought to significant problems that is to say human rights are susceptible interpretation under cross-cultural context although there are international standard. Another challenges of human rights are take place in social problems such as poverty, social justice, inequality and discrimination. Human rights should have the challenge of intervention in order to solve the social problems in various areas across the

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