Human Rights Essay

Human rights are the natural-born rights for every human being. The United Nations applied the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the 10th December 1948. One of the biggest problems that face human rights is slavery. Slavery started in the 1600’s in North America, at the present time slavery cannot be considered lawful. There is no culture nowadays can force anyone for slavery, unfortunately it is still continuing in many parts of the world mainly by human trafficking. Currently there are more people who are trafficked and enslaved than the entire 18th and 19th centuries. Human trafficking and slavery are also gender-based violence. There are varieties of slavery, such as enforced child labour, forced labour, sex trading known as “ white slavery”…etc. This essay will be discussing and outlining Article 4 “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude”.

Human trafficking is a social problem; it causes serious violation of human rights related to the abuse of human self-respect. “Trafficking of human beings violates the basic human rights – the right to live, the right to choose and the right to free life” (Aramov, Slavov, Taneva 2013). Nobody becomes willingly a part of human trafficking, the traffickers encouraged the victims by fancy promises or by force, some leave their countries willingly hoping to find a good job and live peacefully, but unfortunately they end up in a bad situation where their life is in danger. Trafficked people may be sold, force or cheated into situations that they cannot escape from it also without any payment. Moreover, this leads to disadvantage of victim human rights such as the right to be the master of your body and mind, freedom to decide his or her own future and the right of choice. The m...

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...odation, work equipment, food and transportation are taken away from their salaries. According to (Woolman and bishop 2007) “According to one of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 (BCEA), a farm worker is “an employee who is employed mainly or in connection with farming activities, and includes an employee who wholly or mainly performs domestic work in a home on a farm”

In conclusion, slavery has modernised from the history. Due to economic crises in the world, more women fell into prostitution. However, poverty and lack of education lead people to find work and this benefit the traffickers to capture poor victims minds and force them into labour. Moreover, because of dirty fantasies of some people, children are trafficked and forced into prostitution and domestic house work. To avoid people falling into slavery government should educate people more
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