Human Rights And Disability Rights By Gabee Wymer

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Disability Rights
By: Gabee Wymer
Have you ever seen or met another person who suffers from a mental disability? Sometimes seeing this takes an emotional toll on people. They are often taken aback by what they have experienced and most people do not understand mental or physical disabilities and the rights that come along with having a disability. But what are these rights exactly? Dudley writes, "Achieving a consensus on what constitutes human rights has been a challenge for the political leaders and others responsible for protecting human rights" (Dudley 20). People all over the world have different ideas and opinions on what constitutes as a human right. People are split between where human rights come from. Some believe that God created them and others believe that human rights come from laws. Some also
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Some disabilities cause behavioral problems and this affects many individuals in jails. Their disorders may also be a part of the reason they are in jail. "Sixty percent of people in local jails have some form of mental disability” (American Civil Liberties Union). Mental disabilities are very common in violence. Around the world mental institutions for the disabled lack in services needed for the patients. Every institution should offer all of the necessities needed for an individual with a disability to be comfortable and for an individual to get the proper care needed for their disability (Human Rights Watch 6). Individuals in these institutions often receive verbal and physical abuse, forced treatment, and sometimes lack of medication. People are beginning to notice the lack of respect and care individuals are receiving in institutions. The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights has asked that the Organization of American States consider adopting a policy on the ban of solitary confinement of people with mental disorders (Human Rights Watch

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