Human Rights

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It is critical that Integrated Health Professionals (IHPs) understand what the human rights are and that they consciously act to uphold them. In this essay I will outline a personal experience where human rights were violated and will draw on my thoughts, feelings and behaviours in response to this incident. Human Rights, the Bill of Rights and the Patients’ Rights Charter: Human Rights are the fundamental claims that you everyone is entitled to because they are human. They serve to satisfy the basic needs of each individual and encompass how everyone deserves to be treated as humans. Human rights are applicable universally irrespective of your nationality or culture and aim to protect those who are vulnerable. They outline the standards and principles which should be enforced by governments and to which governments should be held accountable. Human rights are interdependent, working together to endorse the dignity of each human. With these human rights come responsibilities and limitations which ensure that you respect the rights of others and protect the human rights. (pg 74) The right to health which is specifically applicable to IHPs is centred in fulfilling each individual’s optimum health potential by providing opportunities. Fresh perspectives, guide pg 84 The Bill of Rights is a list that specifies in detail the rights of all citizens. The Bill of Rights is incorporated into the South African Constitution and forms the foundation of democracy. It encompasses our rights and in doing so supports the core values of our democracy including equality and freedom as well as human dignity. The government is required to guard the rights which are outlined in the Bill of Rights and also endorse and fulfil them. The Bill of Rights ... ... middle of paper ... ... of the human rights. I need to gain further skills as a developing IHP which will help me to fulfil these rights. For example, I realise that I am sometimes judgemental and discriminate others who I should rather respect and try to understand. By reflecting on my behaviours and thoughts I can improve and learn from my mistakes so as to become a holistic, empathetic professional. In my future as an IHP it is critical that I reflect on my knowledge of the human rights to prevent any violations of these rights and to identify where I can improve. An understanding of human rights, the Bill of Rights and the Patients’ Rights Charter has been explored. The personal experience described reflects the negative implications when the human rights are violated. It can therefore be seen that it is important for IHPs to know and uphold these rights so as to prevent violations.
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