Human Resources and Performance Management Plan

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Human resources: Human resource is the motors of any organization. As a matter of fact, organizations would not exist without human resources. However, it is important to recognize that people have different capabilities and hence their contributions to the success of an organization vary. Performance appraisal is a significant slice of the performance management. The history of performance appraisal is quite brief. its roots in the early 20th centery, but the introduction of performance appraisal limited mainly to managers and hoe to identify those amongs them ho had potential fordevelopment. In the 1950 the potential usefulness of appraisal as tool for motivation and development was gradually recognised and the number of companies using performance appraisal progrrams has risen since ( Fletcher and williams,). The following decade saw a number of more specific development and an even greater shift towards openness and participation in appraisal, reflecting changes in society as a whole. Belief about the nature of human abilities, theories of motivation, trade union concerns, government legislation and changing social attitudes have all influenced and modified performance appraisal process (Fletcher and Williams, 1992). The performance appraisal has been seen as a central instrument to switch and motivate the place of work. Redman (2005) stated that “appraisal is principally prominent” in many UK manufacturing sectors. Principally, all most employees of societies are described by performance appraisal system. The first performance-appraisal systems didn't income optimism and motivation into deliberation. Modern firms practice worker assessment events to classify exercise and growth requirements. Administrators also practice per... ... middle of paper ... ...otion. -Motivating employees: Performance appraisal often serves as good motivation for employee. The firm can provide a bonus for the workers who are capable to increase their performance appraisal for one period to another one. It is imperative to provide possibilities of upgrading as training, seminars mentorships to employees to increase their skills. 5-2- Disadvantages -Performance appraisals are very time consuming and can be overwhelming to managers with many employees. - Substandard workers may feel that their own assessment might be used against them -According to the Mind Tools website, a disadvantage of the performance appraisal is that the employer and your employee may have a different interpretation of the appraisal and outcome. ontained in the job descroption and therefore, belive that they don't need to perform extra duties that are not describ.
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