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Given today's employment environment we need to take a new and fresh looks at our Human Resource department's policies, procedures and plans so that we can maintain and enhance our human capital. Human resources need to do more than just basic administrative functions so we would like to go beyond that scope and take on a strategic role in our company. We propose to do this by viewing our Human Resource department as a customer service center where our employees are our customers. This report will examine this philosophy; its ramifications within our organization and what specifically we would have to do to implement this mindset in Human Resources. Here at XYZ Company, We are proud of our strong reputation for providing superior customer service. From small tokens of appreciation such as birthday, anniversary and thank-you cards, to personal touches like our free coffee and donuts in the lobby, and policies of empowering our employees to make small (under $100) discretionary adjustments to quickly contain problems, we stand out among our peers. Our models for collecting and reviewing customer feedback goes farther than simple comment cards. We will actively engage our customers to determine how we can improve their experience with us. We strive to reward them for their business with a positive experience. Our customers recognize our extra efforts to let them know they are appreciated, and in return reward us with loyalty. The result is more repeat business, valuable referrals and less stress for our customer service (read: Complaints Dept.) representatives. Our management teams can develop superior customer service techniques, but it is up to our employees to actively deliver that good service. We have found that one of our ... ... middle of paper ... ... right people with promotions? Do the employees feel that our firm is a meritocracy or a club? Are ample opportunities provided for our employees to succeed here? Do we provide the tools and training for our people to deliver what is expected of them? o Managing relations Do our employees view management viewed as partners in their jobs, or as obstacles? Are our employees hesitant to approach their managers with complaints and suggestions, or are they intimidated? o Diversity Do we do enough to foster an environment of inclusiveness and acceptance for our employees? Do we have policies in place that encourage our employees to treat their coworkers with respect and dignity? If we allow an employee to feel singled-out negatively for his or her personal differences, we may find ourselves exposed if that employee wishes to sue us for allowing persecution to persist.

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