Human Resources Specialist: A Career In The Human Resource Specialist

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I navigated the O*Net resources and decided to explore human resources specialists. The reason I chose this career is because when attending college, I was very interested in human resources and even spoke to one of the advisors about this career. This week I have learned much more about this career, and I wish I would have been told about O*Net sooner. Human resources specialists have an abundance of different task. These specialists are in charge of screening, recruiting, interviewing, and placing new working. Other tasks they are required to do is maintain up to date information about each employee. They are also responsible for informing the new employees about human resources policies, procedures, and laws. The human resources specialists inform employees about their job duties, compensations, schedules, benefits, and address relation issues. Many skills are needed to be in order to be a successful human resources specialist. Human resources specialists must be active listeners, they will need to…show more content…
A human resource specialist needs to have organizational skills, since they are in charge of hiring, interviewing and training new employees. Also, the assessment described me as a person that likes deadlines and has clear expectations, as a human resource specialists it is important to be able to meet deadlines when hiring a new employee and have clear expectation in what type of qualities the employee needs to have. I am detail oriented and enjoy working with data, as a human resource specialist it will be necessary that I keep up to date records and pay close attention to detail to avoid any errors. Lastly, I am also good at creating reports and I like to make sure that systems are working effectively. A human resource specialist will be in charge of many reports that are done in relation to the employees and also make sure that system being use for the reports in is running

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