Human Resources: Redeploymen of Stafft Vs. Redundancy

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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT g). What problems can be associated with redeployment of staff instead of redundancy? Redundancy can occur for various reasons. It can be a structural decline of an industry, reduction of an organization’s economic activity and improvement of financial performance. Moreover, the new technology and work re-organization may also occur. However, when the employer withdraw the job position he must follow certain procedures. It should, for example, give an employee termination, in some cases severance and overdue vacation. It causes more required work for employees who remains in the company. This leads to stressed, disconcerting and less effective staff. To avoid the process of redundancy, the company may decide to reduce overtime, ‘natural wastage’ and send some employee to an early retirement or redeployment. Redeployment is a way of displaying employees form one area/post to another one. This mainly involves re-skilling and retraining staff whose jobs are redundant. This often enhances the company for extra costs for training, while actually improving their financial performance. Redeployment is possible, but it should fulfill three conditions i.e.: it is justify by the needs of employers, it should not reduce the employee’s salary, the new position requires additional qualifications of the employee. From the organization point of view it is sometimes easier to redundant staff instead of redeploy them because there are some problems for example: it is not easy to find a job qualifications corresponding to redundant employee so as to maximize the use of his education, qualifications and experience, as well as satisfy his aspirations. Moreover, the company has to train an employee t... ... middle of paper ... ...s the work is reflected in concrete actions of workers and has an impact on the final outcome of the company. The involvement of employees affects the company’s innovation, the ability to make changes and adapt to them, as well as greater ease of dealing with the crisis. Improperly functioning communication leads to misunderstanding, conflicts, lowers operational efficiency, prevent the achievement of the objectives. The advantage achieved by the best practice is usually a predominance of short-lived. First of all, the best practices are taken up by the others and secondly the best practices are adapted to the specific external and internal conditions, and they are constantly changing. Works Cited
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