Human Resources Management: Benefits And Functions Of Human Resource Management

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Comparable to other department managers, a human resource manager has two basic functions: managing department functions and managing personnel; therefore, a human resources manager is required to be knowledgeable in each of the human resources disciplines: compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, recruitment and selection. (Mayhew, R., n.d.) Employee training and development embraces new hire orientation, leadership training and professional development seminars: human resource managers supervise performance measurements to ascertain when training is necessary and the category of training obligatory to enhance performance and productivity. (Mayhew, R., n.d.) Therefore, since human resource managers are accountable…show more content…
1. Share Your Vision and Goals Employees are more involved when they believe their labors are concentrating toward a vision they can have confidence in; communicate the establishment’s vision and goals with members, and inform them about the corporation’s strategy and challenges. Communicate with each employee to let them know how their job influences to the ambitions of the overall establishment. This facilitates with finding perseverance and meaning in their work, which can encourage engagement. (Taylor, W., 2014) 2. Make Your Expectations Clear If personnel are uncertain of your expectations of them, it can result in decrease in engagement; they may be apprehensive regarding their position, your response to their performance, and what kind of feedback they will receive. Basically, employees aspire to do a good job and surpass expectations. Therefore, supervising staff should be sure to keep their subordinates informed on what is excepted of them and when. Workforces want to accomplish improved results; however, they can only do that if they’re motivated. (Taylor, W.,…show more content…
member of staff may likewise be motivated by acknowledgement, performance incentives, empowerment, a noticeable career path, and more. HR will survey member of staff to learn what is or is not presently functioning for motivation. Member of staff surveys may enhance engagement, still we must fashion questions appropriately to encourage personnel to participate. Similarly, these questionnaires must be anonymous; we must be prepared to allow the employee to share their opinions freely regardless of who said what; we must focus on measuring the information and executing significant modifications which will motivate and maintain employee engagement. (Taylor, W.,

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