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Introduction Brian Charles, vice president of marketing for Sharpco Manufacturing, shared very important information at the weekly executive directors meeting. He informed them, Sharpco would be awarded a large contract with Medford Corporation. However, in order to win the contract, they must complete the project in one year instead of two. Charmagne Powell, vice president of HR, reminded him of the strategic plan that he helped to create. The plan did not include training of current staff or the hiring of enough skilled workers to complete the project on time, Charmagne also questioned if the project would be cost effective considering the increased HR costs associated with the training of existing staff or the recruitment of new staff. Statement of Problem Brian Charles has two problems. First he must address the issue of the existing strategic HR plan. Did they include enough flexibility in the plan to allow for unanticipated changes? The fact that he was included in the creation of the plan is his second problem. He was aware of the plan’s limits, yet he is trying to acce...

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